Hirsch by Identiv

We offer a broad range of physical access control solutions for our customers in the enterprise, government, education, healthcare and consumer markets. From access control cards, door readers, to control software, to fully integrated access control and CCTV solutions, and government-grade enterprise security systems – our standards-based solutions are based on innovative technology and deep industry experience to secure our customers’ premises and assets.

Our systems offer you peace of mind knowing that as your organisation changes or expands, the system has the flexibility to change with you.

Access Control MX-1

Single door. Multiple doors. We’ve got scalable, open-architecture designs to satisfy whatever your project needs.

Hirsch by Identiv #1 High Security Access Control

If it’s 1 door or 1000 doors, Hirsch Velocity software is the most complete and trusted Security Management system on the market.

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Our award-winning, multi-door Hirsch Mx Controllers provide a wide range of features for enterprise-scale solutions encompassing large buildings, campuses, and multi-campus facilities and now comes with a complete 7 years Warranty ! The modular design and scalable architecture enable an installation to start small and grow large, from a single controller system to a larger, multi-site enterprise.

Standard Hirsch Mx Controller features include basic access control functions and reports such as “who goes where when” to sophisticated functions like 2-person rule, occupancy counting, individual user tagging, door interlocking, and anti-passback. Full functionality is maintained even when the Velocity Security Management System is not available, for example during a network outage.

Hirsch Mx Controller - Now with 7 Years Warranty