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nXient Launches Cisco-Integrated ICPAM Support for Australia

BRISBANE, Australia. 27 June, 2018 – nXient Pty. Ltd. announces the launch of support for Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) Identiv’s management application for physical access that is integrated into Cisco technology, including Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM 7.9), Cisco IP Telephony and Cisco Instant Connect.

ICPAM is a software platform developed to utilize Cisco’s IP networking technology to connect and manage Identiv’s physical access control system (PACS) hardware. ICPAM serves as a centralized manager application to configure controllers and readers, monitor activity, enrol users, create identification badges and integrate with security and IT applications and data stores.

ICPAM integrates Identiv’s Hirsch Mx Controllers into Cisco-based solutions, including VSM 7.9 and unified communications applications. Mx delivers new features to ICPAM, including elevator control, data centre rack control, two-person rule, anti-passback, I/O expansion, internal UPS systems and government-grade alarm monitoring and encryption. Identiv’s controllers expand the capabilities of ICPAM, allowing deployments to be designed with support for edge as well as centralized architectures.

nXient as the master distributor of Identiv Products and Hirsch access control systems for security and identity management solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and Philippine markets, is now offering a transition plan for CPAM and ICPAM customers to upgrade to the Identiv Velocity software management platform.

According to Ross Head, Managing Director of nXient, they are now offering a complete system upgrade facility in Australia, with great incentives for customers who have CPAM or ICPAM sites.

“Customers will benefit from upgrading to the Velocity software suite because of the comprehensive capabilities of Velocity and they will be able to take advantage of the full feature set of the Hirsch MX range of controllers. The customer’s access control and security management platform receives a powerful upgrade at a fraction of the cost of other systems, and makes their day-to-day management process easier.”

For more information, please contact nXient by emailing  or

calling +61 7 3118 5777

nXient launches Hirsch access control & Mobotix CCTV integration

BRISBANE, Queensland, June 13, 2017 – nXient Pty. Ltd. today announced the release of their integration software for the Hirsch by Identiv Access Control system, and Mobotix CCTV system.  The integration uses the Hirsch Velocity Video Framework API and the Mobotix native video codec MxPeg.

The Hirsch Velocity software platform provides the core functionality of the video framework and API’s for extending Velocity’s use of real-time video resources.  The Mobotix native video codec MxPeg, and the use of the Mobotix API provides direct communication with each 6 megapixel High Resolution IP based CCTV camera to allow bi-directional triggers of motion events, activity sensors & alarms, and the ability to store video and audio tagged to alarms within Velocity.

“For the first time ever advanced systems in Access Control and Video Surveillance can seamlessly interact for powerful results and cost savings.

The nXient Mobotix integration for the Hirsch Velocity access control and security management system provides powerful integration for the Mobotix video management system. Powerful & simple to operate, you won’t miss a thing … all events contain video with full audio recording”, said Ross Head, nXient’s Founder & CEO.

“Tight integration allows you to:

Control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators and other building equipment. Monitor users as they move around a facility, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance and provide a robust audit trail.

• Enjoy real-time Alarm and Event triggering between systems

• Allow the operator to recall important events without having to review hours of video footage

• Change the system from simply review and storage to ACTION

Validate Identity based on an access control event, photo call-up from the access control system and the CCTV image – all in real-time. Useful for lone worker or man-down alarm with instant access to video of the situation”, added Mr. Head.  “The Hirsch – Mobotix integration extends the overall functionality of both systems and adds greater real-time situational awareness so a facility can better respond to events.”

“nXient are working with a range of Hirsch and Mobotix integration partners through-out Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region to provide the integration solution.”  “nXient is pleased to collaborate with Mobotix and Identiv when developing this solution to provide an advanced integration between access control and CCTV, and deliver on the promise of true integration for the security market.”


About nXient

nXient is the master distributor of Identiv Products and Hirsch access control systems for security and identity management solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and the Mobotix distributor to The Philippines market.

nXient provides a complete range of Identity Management solutions including our ID Concierge cloud-based ID platform.    ID Concierge allows users to create and manage their photo IDs, access control, and logical access credentials on an easy to use secure platform.

With in-house secure bureau service capabilities for credential issuance, personalisation, and fulfilment services for the consumer, government, and corporate customer, nXient offers clients ID systems management, and full implementation and program management.

Our solutions bring together access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics. Organizations use our solutions to successfully secure their facilities, digital assets and electronic transactions. Learn more at

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