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All in one - Payment, Loyalty & Security  

Near field communication (NFC) capabilities are rapidly being integrated into mobile phones and other devices, enabling countless new mobile applications. nXient offers a broad range of innovative RFID and NFC products and solutions for mobile payment, loyalty, couponing, advertising and ticketing for transit, ski-passes, events and entertainment. nXient has a variety of secure solutions for mobile payment, loyalty and hospitality for stadiums, sports clubs, restaurants, universities, retailers and other environments.

We work with our customers to create custom payment solutions that utilize our extensive expertise and technology portfolio to meet the unique requirements of each organization. Using multi-functional customer cards based on RFID contact-less chip technology and comprehensive management software, our system ensures the seamless interaction of all relevant components from point-of-sale, ticketing, access control, loyalty, parking, and many other uses.

Leading Edge Solutions

Loyalty & payment cards to date are mostly limited ID cards with some back-office functionality such as the collection of bonus points, rather than becoming an active media. The nXient system can be used as a pre-paid card or in credit mode and can include multiple applications within the one card. Our cashless solutions can be used for corporate office parks, University campuses, School Cafeteria’s, Hospitals, Sporting venues, Airport parking and a wide range of other applications. When using the card, earned reward points can be spent, if so desired, immediately. All necessary transaction information is stored not only in the back-office system, but on the card as well. This provides an off-line functionality which ensures operational redundancy. 


Benefits to your organisation 

The elimination of cash leads to increased spending per individual guest through more convenience, faster services and many enhanced marketing options for you. Consistent updated data on clients spending and purchasing behaviour are a valuable tool for managing your business.

Eliminate High Credit Card fees: Credit card and transaction fees add-up over time and make small transactions costly. Cost savings: optimization of your processes and staff allocation becomes possible due to increased speed of service and analysis of transaction times at individual points-of-sale. Pre-paid systems have a notable positive effect on your cash-flow. Branding on the card – customers value membership 

Benefits to the Customer 

Very convenient way to pay. Ideal for small transactions & Fast. Eliminate the need to carry cash. Avoid ATM and credit card fees. Online account management and automatic top-up. In-built Loyalty & Rewards schemes 


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