Parking Solutions 

nXient provides a new and exciting way to pay for parking using a mobile phone. Using our mobile app, we are able to take the worry out of parking for both your customer and the parking and facility staff. Starting a parking transaction takes only a few seconds. Once a customer has registered and setup their account on-line, they download the app. for their mobile device and they are ready to get started. 


Smart integrated parking management

The NFC tag or QR Code makes it easy for all users, regardless of the type of mobile device they have. Each NFC Tag or QR Code has unique programming so that when they are “Tapped” or “Scanned” depending on the customers device, they start the process for that parking space. 

If you are driving a different car than the one registered, you can quickly change the license number and activate the parking session. You can select to receive text message reminders 15 minutes prior to your parking expiring. You can then choose to extend your parking session (if allowed for that space) and continue about your business. We provide easy access to the secure on-line portal so you can access your parking data, print expense reports or change account settings. 

Our policies