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Whole of Business Solution

NXIENT’s ID Concierge provides organisations with greater flexibility when deploying ID Cards for
various uses within their facilities.


ID Concierge can be customised to suit the Enterprise needs of the organisation, including a wide
range of capabilities.
• ID Management
• Database integration
• Badge Printing
• Technology card Encoding
• Self-serve Kiosk operation
• Visitor Management
• Access Control privilege provisioning


As new systems are deployed, a card holder presents his or her ID Card to the reader on the kiosk to be updated.


Smarter Security

ID Concierge allows companies who have smartcard-based ID cards for access control or companies wishing to deploy smartcard-based systems for access control and other uses, to use their existing ID cards and extend their capability by adding additional functionality and power to their existing card.

For example: A large organisation can use different Sectors on a Mifare or Mifare DESFire based Smartcard for access control in different buildings.

Sector 1 could be used for the Brisbane building, Sector 2 for the Melbourne building and so on. They can also extend the capability of the existing cards, by adding "Follow-me-print" using the Staff ID that is encoded to sector 9, or the secure Technology Lockers by encoding the same data to Sector 10.

Using this approach, each sector on the Smartcard uses its own secure keyset, which means that it can be given to different system suppliers with-out compermising the security of the card.

Smartcard readers for the various systems are programmed with the necessary Read Keyset and sector information to access the encoded data and pass it through to the application for authentication.


Common uses are:

• Building Access Control

• Follow-Me-Print systems

• Staff Lockers

• Staff ID Number

• Card Holder ID Verification (including an Image)

• Event Ticketing

• Loyalty & Rewards

• Parking

• Login Credential










Kiosk Operation

The Kiosk will operate as an unattended system waiting for a User to present their ID Badge/Access Control card to the Smartcard reader.

Once the user presents their card, the kiosk authenticates the card by checking the Sector authentication key and the encoded access number. It uses this information to check the database for a valid user.

Once the user is validated, it either processes the card updates or in the case of an Administrator, can log them into the application.

User Operation - Administrator Functions

Administrator’s capabilities within the system can be configured for login via their ID Card or via a login User Name and Password. Either login method will only provide the administrator access to the modules according to their rights.


Card Data Preview

Once the User presents their card, the Kiosk provides feedback so they can see their card is being processed. The Kiosk displays a Green tick to indicate successful completion of the card operation

The Kiosk displays their information before automatically returning to the Home screen. The Administrator is presented with a number of options depending on their level of capability. Administrator login capability can be restricted for all major functions for the Kiosk.


Database Integration

The nXient solution allows our server application software to interface with a third-party database by the use of web services. This solution provides a bi-directional interface between the Master Kiosk and the database software application that allows user records and data to be updated from time to time.

The kiosk will run a web based application and a local MySQL server database that is synchronized via a web service to the Master Kiosk database, and in-turn the Customer’s access control database, or other database such as HR or Student database. This function can also be achieved by the use of a flat file transfer process in the case of web services not being available.













Remote Kiosk Communication

nXient will provide a web service to communicate with the remote kiosk applications using the customer’s network infrastructure or via a secure internet connection.

Should the Master Kiosk be unavailable, either because the communication network is not available or the Master Kiosk is not running, the local Kiosks will operate independently saving the data locally. Once communications are restored, the data will once again be synced with the Master.

The remote smart card encoding kiosks will communicate with the Master Kiosk using the web service to synchronize their databases to the Master Kiosk DB




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