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Event badges, ID cards & Encoding


Our expertise is in card production, printing, encoding and personalising of ID cards for multi-application programs, access control, time recording, visitor management, and payment. We also provide customer loyalty and membership cards. 


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Trusted security features tailored to you


nXient Credentials provide an efficient, reliable, and cost effective solution to existing or new control systems. Our Credentials offer universal compatibility with today’s most popular brands, making integration a simple process. The cards feature 125 kHz LF or 13.56 MHZ HF technology, a white printable gloss surface for high quality printing output, ISO compliance and a lifetime warranty. 




Encoding Options  


Card encoding enables electronic data to be written to the card as it is being printed. nXient support a wide range of integrated card encoding options. 

  1. Magnetic Stripe cards 
  2. 125 KHz Prox cards 
  3. Smart Card Encoding  

Holofoil - We will emboss your custom design into the holofoil. The holofoil overlay prevents reproduction through photocopying or scanning. 

Embossing - The text is pressed into the card, which creates a 3d image. This method is often used on credit cards and fuel cards.

Tipping - The embossed text is given a colour. This can be done in black, white, silver, and gold. 

Vestigial Image - This involves the replication and repeating of the card holder’s image, ghosted into the background. 

Holographic Overlaminate - This provides extra protection against wear and abrasion combined with a 2D image that refracts under light. 




PVC Cards

Identical in size and construction to credit cards (ISO Cards), ID Cards are available in plain white, a variety of base colours or with a pre-printed background. The cards can be personalised with data and photos using our range of printers, in both full colour and monochrome. All cards can be worn in holders, wallets or from lanyards.

Large Format PVC Cards

As well as standard credit card size, large format PVC ID Cards can be produced with the large format printers. With these, card sizes 110x54mm, 140x54mm, 124.8 x 87.8mm or 140 x 87.8mm can be produced making them ideal for sporting events or venues where fast and easy identification is required.

Technology Cards

Many different technologies can be incorporated into our cards, including; Magnetic Stripe, LF (low frequency) 125KHz format chips, HF (high frequency) 13.56 MHz technologies such as MiFare, DESFire, DESFire EV1, NFC (near field communications) and many others that are used for attendance tracking and management at events, Access Control systems, or for applications to store personal data and purses.

Clamshell cards

Our Clamshell Card is constructed of durable ABS plastic housing. It is a lower cost RFID card solution if compared to the more sophisticated ISO card. Additionally, it is strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking. The card is predominantly used in access control and ticketing applications.  

Key Fobs 

Are available in various formats. The Epoxy Key Fob is designed for the application of proximity access control systems etc. It is available with most popular 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz RFID chip technologies. The Epoxy Keyfob can be delivered with blank white or full colour customer specific design. 

Custom Badges

Badges can be custom made to order in unusual shapes and sizes, to represent perhaps a corporate logo/design or product. Custom badges are available in a variety of materials.








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