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Hirsch by Identiv, Access Control Solutions


nXient offers a broad range of physical access control solutions for our customers in the enterprise, government, education, healthcare and consumer markets. From access tokens to door readers, to control software, to fully integrated, government-grade enterprise security systems – our standards-based solutions are based on innovative technology and deep industry experience to secure our customers' premises and assets.

Our integrated and high-security access control solutions are delivered under our HIRSCH brand.






The modular HIRSCH controller range is designed to be scalable; with common firmware, functionality and expansibility. HIRSCH controllers can operate autonomously, whether as a single controller or part of a networked system with Velocity Software, The modular design allows a system to start small and grow large.

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Integrated Systems / Software


Under our industry-leading Hirsch Identive brand, we offer integrated systems that facilitate the rapid design and deployment of physical access control systems. Our award-winning Hirsch Velocity software delivers a broad range of security management features bundled into a powerful and easy-to-use offering utilized by security, facility management and guard personnel in commercial, governmental and educational institutions worldwide.


Hirsch access control & Mobotix CCTV integration

The integration uses the Hirsch Velocity Video Framework API and the Mobotix native video codec MxPeg.

The Hirsch Velocity software platform provides the core functionality of the video framework and API’s for extending Velocity’s use of real-time video resources.  The Mobotix native video codec MxPeg, and the use of the Mobotix API provides direct communication with each 6 megapixel High Resolution IP based CCTV camera to allow bi-directional triggers of motion events, activity sensors & alarms, and the ability to store video and audio tagged to alarms within Velocity.

The nXient Mobotix integration for the Hirsch Velocity access control and security management system provides powerful integration for the Mobotix video management system. Powerful & simple to operate, you won’t miss a thing … all events contain video with full audio recording.




Tight integration allows you to:

Control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators and other building equipment. Monitor users as they move around a facility, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance and provide a robust audit trail.

• Enjoy real-time Alarm and Event triggering between systems

• Allow the operator to recall important events without having to review hours of video footage

• Change the system from simply review and storage to ACTION


Validate Identity based on an access control event, photo call-up from the access control system and the CCTV image – all in real-time. Useful for lone worker or man-down alarm with instant access to video of the situation.  The Hirsch – Mobotix integration extends the overall functionality of both systems and adds greater real-time situational awareness so a facility can better respond to events.





Our Hirsch Management Systems hardware offerings simplify the process of building your physical access system, and Enterprise Management Framework licenses help you manage it. For mobile and offsite security needs, our Rapid Development Kits provide quick and secure intrusion detection and site monitoring.



Physical Access Credentials


Our expertise is in card production, printing, encoding and personalising of ID cards. For multi-application programs, access control, time recording, visitor management, payment. We also provide customer loyalty and membership cards as well as electronic tickets for public transport.


nXient Credentials provide an efficient, reliable, and cost effective solution to your existing or new access control systems. Nxient Credentials offer universal compatibility with today’s most popular brands, making integration a simple process. The cards feature 125 kHz LF or 13.56 MHZ HF technology, a white printable gloss surface for high quality printing output, ISO compliance and a lifetime warranty.








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