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NXIENT provide a wide range of security industry solutions from the supply of Identiv products including the Hirsch access control system, and a variety of products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Please look at our product pages for more information.



Identiv Products


nXient is the master distributor of Identiv Products and Hirsch access control systems for security and identity management solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Hirsch Identiv's award-winning solutions bring together access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics. Organizations use Hirsch Identiv solutions to successfully secure their facilities, digital assets and electronic transactions. From a ScramblePad® intelligent keypad and controller for one door, to an enterprise-class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of global users, Hirsch Identiv is the preferred choice for organizations desiring high security, reliability, and investment protection.













Hirsch – Mobotix Integration Overview

Check-out our latest video which give a general overview of our Hirsch access control and Mobotix CCTV integration.




Watch for an overview of the CCTV Integration between the Hirsch Access Control system and Mobotix Camera System, developed by nXient.


  Hirsch MX Control Panel

Hirsch ScramblePad


































Our Card & Reader Technology


nXient also provides a complete range of card based solutions, readers and peripheral devices to complement our Hirsch Identive offering.  With in-house capabilities for credential issuance, personalisation and fulfilment services for the consumer, government and corporate customer, nXient offers clients ID systems management, hardware and engineering services as well as full implementation and program management.  






nXient is now a Distributor for the STid reader range

RFID Technologies for security and tracking solutions

We are also very excited about our new range of STid Readers.  Access control is all about protecting people, property, valuables and data. The more valuable the items to be protected, the more important it is to have confidence in the solution. When choosing a card/reader technology, it is important to state some simple yet fundamental requirements: Prevent the substitution or emulation of an identification tag.

Our range of STid readers uses private encryption keys. Managing these keys is of vital importance. nXient lets you define, manage and safeguard the encryption keys that protect your data.


An ID card is like an access key. It is the first link in a security chain (badge, reader and system), which needs to be consistent and uniform.

nXient will, define keys and create master cards for reader programming in our secure facility. 

We are also a provider of enrolment and accreditation solutions using data capture equipment, personalisation hardware and software for government ID, corporate ID and specialised applications.




The first ever modular range - offering you maximum flexibility!

The Architect® range is intuitive and dynamic, made up of smart, easy-to-connect modules. The concept can be tailored to your needs, offering an optimum solution for any situation and enabling all the functionalities and security levels to be upgraded across all your readers.

The modular nature of the range offers a greater degree of availability and services, whilst optimizing your inventory management by reducing the catalogue size by 40%.




 ban blue


Femme SmartphoneYour smartphone becomes your access key!

With increasing mobility in businesses, a technological revolution is underway, based on interconnected resources, shifting access control towards new uses and equipment. Smartphones offer new possibilities for interacting with access control readers.



STid Mobile ID

In this context, STid is reinventing access control, making it more intuitive for users, via its award-winning solution, STid Mobile ID®





STid Mobile ID® is a secure and user-friendly identification solution, which moves access cards onto Android™ and iOS® smartphones, alongside or instead of traditional RFID cards. It includes a free mobile app, latest generation multi-technology Architect® Blue readers, and online and offline configuration tools.

Wallet for virtual access cards

The STid Mobile ID® app is used to store virtual access cards on your smartphone. 


Badge virtuel


STid Mobile ID®  app is combined to a Bluetooth® reader series:

Logo Arc Blue


See our Architect® Blue reader series  >>





Virtual cards promote acceptance of and compliance with the Security Policy of businesses, industries and governments. STid Mobile ID® is so user-friendly that it makes identification instinctive. Simply hold your hand up to the reader to open doors. This action alerts the reader to communicate with your smartphone, which can be in sleep mode in your pocket or mid-call in your hand. 



Five identification methods for a unique user experience. 


Contact   Slide  
Mode Badge

By placing your smartphone
in front of the reader.

Mode Slide

By placing your hand close to the reader without taking out your phone.

Tap Tap   Hands free  
Mode Tap Tap

By tapping your
smartphone twice in
your pocket for near

Mode Hands Free

By simply passing in front of the reader.

Mode Remote

By controlling your access
points remotely.



By offering these identification modes, the access controle becomes instinctive for users.








STid has developed an innovative range of RFID readers and passive identifiers for automatic vehicle identification. This innovative long distance identification solution provides outstanding performances such as the identification of static and moving vehicles at a great distance (up to 10m / 33 feet).





Teletag has been designed especially to be installed behind the windscreen. Thanks to its intelligent fixing system it can be installed either permanently or in a removable way and is suited to any type of stand. Its identifiers can be either randomly pre-coded with a unique serial number or blank and programmable (enabling a sequential encoding).

STid UHF readers can be easily installed and are fitted to identification conditions and environment. STid’s range of readers perfectly answers to all your needs in terms of vehicle identification whether you are looking for an integrated single antenna, a remote one or a multiway identification.

Thanks to the different communication interfaces no electronical setting is needed to install the URD and the system is immediately compliant with the existing access control systems.



The numerous performances of STid’s identifiers and readers provide a wide choice of applications for vehicle identification: parking lot access control system for static or moving vehicles (free-flow), automated systems of vehicle authorization, fleet management, etc.



STid’s range of readers and identifiers enables you to secure your accesses and checkpoints through an automatic free-flow identification. Moreover thanks to vehicle contactless identification you are able to put in place the management of your fleets.





































































ID Management Solutions


NXIENT’s ID Concierge provides organisations with greater flexibility when deploying ID Cards for various uses within their facilities. ID Concierge can be customised to suit the Enterprise needs of the organisation, including a wide range of capabilities.

• ID Management

• Database integration

• Badge Printing

• Technology card Encoding

• Self-serve Kiosk operation

• Visitor Management

• Access Control privledge provisioning


ID Concierge allows companies who have smartcard-based ID cards for access control or companies wishing to deploy smartcard-based systems for access control and other uses, to use their existing ID cards and extend their capability by adding additional functionality and power to their existing card.














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